Visit to Bitfury data center
in Georgia
The Golden Goose team visits the Bitfury Group's Data Center (DC) in Georgia
The Golden Goose team visited the Bitfury Group's Data Center (DC) in Georgia for a tour of the operation site and signed a term sheet contract for the project's success.
It is a contract for the whole project, along with the ordering for BitFury's cryptocurrecy mining equipment BlockBox AC (BBAC) to operate the temporary mining center in Paraguay's largest cryptocurrency center site in Paraguay.

* The BitFury Group, the world's leading full-service blockchain expert (Bitfury Group,
* BitFury, a leading provider of key security and infrastructure for the Bitcoin blockchain, is expected to be the best partner for the Golden Goose Project.
* The BitFury Group also believes the Golden Goose Project is an important choice consistent with its long-term vision.
* The Golden Goose team takes a tour of the Georgia Data Center and checks the overall operation and other matters.
* Highly reliable hardware structure, high confidence in software and security infrastructure
* The Golden Goose team orders 4 units of BitFury's cryptocurrenccy mining equiopment BlockBox AC (BBAC) in February 2019.
* The Golden Goose team will increase to 30 units of BlockBox AC (BBAC) by May 2019 and start to operate the temporary mining center.
* A total of 330 units of BlockBox AC (BBAC) are stepwise ordered by 2021 when the construction of the regular mining center is completed.