Commons Foundation - Bitfury Term
Sheet Contract in Georgia
Commons Foundation visits Bitfury data center in Georgia and signs term sheet contract for the Golden Goose Platfrom
The Commons Foundation visited the Georgia Data Center (DC) of the Bitfury Group in January 2019 and signed a term sheet contract for the Golden Goose Platform operated by the Foundation.

The contract includes an order for Bitfury's cryptocurrency mining equipment BlockBox AC (BBAC) to operate a temporary mining center in the world's largest cryptocurrency center site in Paraguay, which will be part of the Golden Goose Platform.

Prior to the contract, both shared the overall roadmap for the platform with each other and discussed the entire business contract from the temporary mining center to the regular mining center for the platform's success.

The Golden Goose team toured the current Georgia data center and checked the overall operation and all related matters, thereby valuing it as an opportunity to raise confidence in the Bitfury structure.

The Bitfury Group responded positively that the platform is an important selection that goes together with the long-term vision of Bitfury.

Starting to order 4 units of BlockBox AC (BBAC) until February 2019 for the site near the Paraguay Itaipu Hydro Power Plan, the Golden Goose team will order 30 more units by May to operate a temporary mining center and then order a total of 330 units of BlockBox AC (BBAC) stepwise by 2021 when the construction of the regular mining center is completed.

It was said that the two companies will sign a formal MOU and a partnership contract for the platform when George Kikvadze, Vice President of the Bitfury Group, visits Korea in late January.