Commons Foundation - Bitfury sign
MOU & partnership contract in Seoul
The Commons Foundation and the Bitfury Group sign MOU for comprehensive cooperation regarding the establishment of a cryptocurrency mining center in Paraguay.
The Commons Foundation and the Bitfury Group on January 30 announced a partnership for the establishment of a cryptocurrency mining center and a global exchange in Paraguay.

The Commons Foundation and Bitfury has built trust through mutual visits, and this contract included the orders of Bitfury's cryptocurrency mining equipment BlockBox AC (BBAC) for operating the Commons Foundation's temporary mining center.

Earlier, the Commons Foundation, in cooperation with the Paraguayan joint venture, is executing the Golden Goose Platform to establish a 200,000 m² cryptocurrency mining center near the Itaipu Hydro Power Plant, which produces the world's largest clean energy.

This contract with Bitfury was evaluated to lie a cornerstone for the Golden Goose Platform.

The Commons Foundation also announced a plan to operate a temporary mining center with the establishment of a 500 MW substation and a temporary cryptocurrency mining center for the Golden Goose Platform.

The Foundation also said that when Bitfury's mining equipment is introduced in the temporary mining center according to the contract, the contribution reward would be able to be paid to the owner of the Golden Goose Token every day from as early as the first half of the year.

"We chose Bitfury as our partner, because it is the world 's best blockchain technology leader that provides security and software as well as mining equipment," said Yongkwan Choi, Chairman of the Commons Foundation.

"We expect both companies to achieve the best synergy by signing the MOU," he added.

George Kikvadze, Vice President of Bitfury Group, said, "I am confident that this partnership is not an ordinary contract,

but an important selection consistent with Bitfury's long-term vision and this contract will ultimately lead to the success and growth of Bitfury, the Commons Foundation, the Golden Goose Platform, and Paraguay."

Eun-Cheol Lee, Country Manager of Bitfury, expressed a high expectation of the contract with the Commons Foundation and showed confidence that "Bitfury's expertise with industry-leading hardware and total solutions will lead to the success of the Commons Foundation's Golden Goose Platform."

The Commons Foundation said that the official website of the Golden Goose Platform will launch in February now in three languages: English, Korean and Spanish, while releasing the white paper.

About the Bitfury Group
The Bitfury Group is the world's leading full-service blockchain specialized company. Bitfury is building solutions for the future using the millennium's most important technology. Our mission is to make the world more transparent and reliable by innovating technologies like hardware, security and software to realize the identity of trust. Founded in 2011, BitFury is a leading provider of key security and infrastructure for the Bitcoin blockchain. In addition to securing the Bitcoin blockchain, BitFury also designs and manufactures innovative hardware that safeguards cryptocurrency and blockchains, including on-demand semiconductor chips and mobile data centers. BitFury is also a software provider that provides world-class hi-tech applications through an expert engineering team for Exonum that implements a private blockchain, Crystal Blockchain that is an advanced analytics platform, and Lightning Peach that is an open source lightning network. For more information,
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About Commons Foundation
The Commons Foundation is a global community that creates Commons ecosystems through research, support and formation of social and conscious changes. Our goal is to implement a sustainable, fair and Commons-based peer-to-peer culture, economy, governance and social model. The Commons Foundation supports the resources that people can collect, participate in communities, and share with others. The Commons Foundation is engaged in three projects.

1. Golden Goose Platform: The Commons Foundation plans to build a 200,000 m² cryptocurrency mining center with a 500 MW substation and operate a global exchange in Paraguay. 50% of the revenue of the mining center and 70% of the total commissions of the global exchange will be paid to token holders on a daily basis at the holding rate of the GOLD (Golden Goose Token).
2. MicroBitcoin Open Source Project: The Commons Foundation is the largest contributor to the Bitcoin hard-fork open-source project.
3. Knowledge Commons: The Commons Foundation intends to realize a comprehensive sharing of knowledge, information, education, researches and cultures through the promotion of an open approach to knowledge, public research and development and institutional reform. For more information,
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