Golden Goose Global Exchange

The Golden Goose Global Cryptocurrency Exchange
preparing for cooperation with
the world's top 10 exchanges
Golden Goose team plans to open a global cryptocurrency exchange in addition to the creation of added value by mining cryptocurrency from its mining center. The Golden Goose Global Exchange is preparing for cooperation with the world's top 10 exchanges and aims to be open in the first half of 2023. The Golden Goose Exchange targets the Spanish-speaking and South American regions where there is not yet online exchange having absolute power and aims to be a global exchange with the highest level of security and speed by applying BitFury's Crystal and others. 70% of the revenue of the commissions generated from the Exchange will be paid daily to participants daily as contribution rewards.
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The value of Golden Goose Exchange

Growth potential of the exchange industry

In the cryptographic asset ecosystem, the exchange industry plays the most important role in the rapid growth and expansion of crypto-assets. The exchange has been positioned as the easiest window for acquiring crypto-assets and the largest number of corporations related to crypto-assets in the world are exchanges which create the largest number of jobs. In the future, the exchange industry is expected to remain important in the crypto-asset ecosystem.