Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Mining
The calculation of bitcoin breakeven is as follows.

Calculaton of bitcoin breakeven

Calculaton of bitcoin breakeven
The factors that have the biggest impact on the breakeven price of bitcoins include the price of mining equipment and the cost of electricity.

Expansion of
Mining Industry

Cryptocurrency mining is gradually moving
to integration and enlargement.
In the early days, individuals could mine with their PCs. However, due to intensified competition and increasing difficulty, it is now almost impossible for individuals to mine bitcoins. Mining is possible with specialized mining machines using the ASIC chip. Therefore, cryptocurrency mining is gradually moving to integration and enlargement.

Geographical Decentralization of
Mining Centers

Geographic decentralization reduces the risk of stopping mining by economic and political factors.
Currently, large-scale mining facilities are located in China, North America (USA and Canada), and Northeast Europe (Russia and Georgia). The geographical decentralization of mining is to reduce the risk of mining stopped by economic and political factors.
Economic factors
  • Sudden increase in electricity charges
  • Excessive taxation on mining profits
Political factors
  • Occurence of unstable political situations
  • Strengthened sanctions on the mining industry
Risk of